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About the Course

This level will start totally from core basics. Here we will be more focused on understanding what exactly a computer is and how it functions as per software perspective. It is totally like if you want to perform something unusual, you need to understand the system more than a normal user. Even if you are not from computer engineering background, this course aims to teach from scratch.

After that we will perform some real-life hacking techniques and we will excel towards the path an ethical hacker does.

Topics Covered

The course contents are described below:

Module 0 -Some pre-requisite setup required for hacking
• Operating System Introduction
• Live CD Operating Systems and Distributions
• Introduction to Virtualization
• Implementing Virtualization
• Basics of Networking
• Implementing Networking Concepts in Virtualization
• Setting up PC for hacking practice

Ethical hacking Concepts
• Module 1 - Introduction to Ethical hacking
o Difference between hacking and Ethical Hacking
o Types of hackers
o Phases of conducting hacking
o Case studies

• Module 2 -Ethics and Rules
o Hackers and hacking methodology
o Malicious hacker strategy
o Steps to conduct Ethical hacking
o Hiding your identity while you hack

• Module 3 -Information gathering and Scanning
o Get to know how hackers gather information about the target
o Information gathering on websites
o Scanning website
o Finding admins

• Module 4 -Google Hacking
o What is Google?
o Using google as hacking tool
o Finding vulnerability website using Google
o Using special operators

o Live attacks performed by malicious hackers.

• Module 5 -Scanning using tools
o IPScanner
o Nmap
o Generating reports.

• Module 6 -Sniffing
o What is sniffing
o Types of sniffing
o Using weakness of hardware device
o Using sniffing to get sensitive data
o Man in the middle attack

• Module 7 -Introduction to Malware(Malicious Software)
o Malware Unleashed
o Detailed Study of Virus, Worms, Trojan Horse
o Technique to check whether your antivirus is working properly or not.
o How anti-virus work

• Module 8 -Introduction to Cryptography
o Encryption
o Decryption
o Demo on Cryptography
o Creating secured password protected area in Harddisk

• Module 9 -Trojans
o Creation of Trojan
o Hiding Trojan in a legitimate program
o Gaining control on others system.
o Detection and removal of Trojans
o Live hacking in LAN Environment

• Module 10 -Rootkits
o Defining rootkits
o Identifying rootkits in system
o Removal and avoidance

• Module 11 -Email Hacking
o Tracing an email
o Email bombing
o Using phishing page
o Keyloggers

• Module 12 -System Hacking
o Windows Password hacking
o Steganography
o File hiding technique

• Module 13 -Social Engineering and Clearing the Tracks

Bonus level – Ethical hacking implementations
Be a super spy like tom cruise of mission impossible.
• Self-accessible webcam
• Webcam surveillance system
• Find your stolen laptop
• Make your own laptop anti-theft system
• Phone call forgery
• Creating a fake website of a legitimate website
• Creating and tracking of what user is performing in the system

21 ways to hack and secure email

• Normal ways to hack email account remotely
• Local ways to hack email account
• Advanced ways normally done by detective agency
• Email mass spreading ways
• Email password and data security
• Using anonymous mails

Who should attend

Anyone who is passionate to learn something different.
Anyone who want to be different in the field of IT.
Anyone who wants to defeat bad hackers.
Anyone who wants to secure yourself from the cyberspace attacks.


All you must know how to surf the internet and email.
Networking knowledge can add an advantage

What you need to bring

Laptop (Preferred)."

Key Takeaways

By the end of the day you will be well equipped to defeat bad hackers.
Study Material
2 DVDs containing tools for practicing hacking demonstrated with videos.
You will get a different identity in the field of IT.
Lots of friends and a team.

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