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About HTML  :
HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the basic language that drives the visual representation of any website. Being developed in 1990s by Tim Berners-Lee, it is told to be the best code that allows communication between one and one on the World Wide Web (WWW).
Build your own websites with the simple foundation of HTML. It is the language of web to create World Wide Web pages without which there is no website. It is told to be the backbone of websites. Learn here to become an HTML expert to rule your own web world.
It is common language that is used wide across the world to create basic standard web pages. 

It is the base that converts text, images and videos to web pages that are audible and viewable for the end users. With the knowledge of HTML, anyone can code manually and generate simple and intelligent websites and gain huge money.
The career opportunities for web developers are very huge. There is no website without HTML, it plays a key role on the internet applications and it definitely has a great scope all over the world. And, the demand for developers on the online marketing field is uncountable.
Redback is a well-known HTML training institute in Vellore that is offering fast track course on web design and related technologies. Here, you will also be learning about CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and the languages that are required for creating static web pages. We have a team of experts who will teach from the basics of markup languages which helps in gaining knowledge about the development of web pages.

  • Anyone with a graduate degree.
  • Knowledge of using computer.
  • Ability to use internet.
  • Basic web design skills.

Course Highlights:
  • Industry relevant techniques.
  • Well-structured modules with exposure to real-time projects.
  • Opportunity to learn while pursuing the regular degree.
  • Usage of latest tools for better productivity.
  • Experienced faculties with individual attention to every candidate.
  • Upon successful completion of the training course, candidate will be provided with placement assistance.

Outline of the course:
HTML5 which is though not supported by few browsers, it provides variety of solutions of web developers in creating wonderful static pages. Here is the list of modules that we have included in our HTML course.

  • Overview of HTML
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Creating simple HTML documents
  • HTML syntax, tags and basic attributes
  • Formatting text with HTML
  • Heading and paragraph formatting
  • Comparison of procedural and descriptive formatting
  • HTML comments and entities
  • Text formatting and fonts styles
  • Adding local and remote links
  • Adding internal links with named anchor tag
  • Image and marquee tags
  • Creating lists and nested lists
  • Linking and embedding graphics
  • Links to non-web internet services
  • Tab index and access key
  • Creating and modifying tables
  • Advanced table elements
  • Creating header, body and footer with table
  • Layout design with frames and iframe
  • Structuring with Fieldset
  • Div and Span
  • Creating Forms
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Syntax and type of selectors
  • Combination of descendant selectors using IDs and classes
  • Inline, internal and external CSS
  • Margin and padding properties
  • Text and font properties
  • Background properties
  • CSS positioning
  • Div and Span
  • Z-index
  • Pseudo class and elements
  • Image opacity
  • Styling forms using CSS

Session and Training Schedule:
Duration of our HTML training course will be 30 days and it can be split into weekdays and weekend batches according to the needs of the candidates.

Weekdays (30 days) – 5 days/week
2 Hours/day - 1 Hour Theory, 1 Hour Practical

Weekends (4 weeks) – 2 days/week
4 Hours/day - 2 Hours Theory, 2 hours Practical

Our Institute Location:
Redback IT Solutions Private Limited 
Vellore. 632009
Tel : 0416-2252688

Mob : 8189985551

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